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show during the story and in houston, garcia, jobs are hard to find, but garcia overheard a disparaging remark about the five-year-old boy seated near them. he sprung into action and told the diners he wouldn't serve them. >> so we were sitting there, all of a sudden i noticed that the family across from us got up and moved and moved to the back of the restaurant and i thought i wonder if they're moving because of us. >> i didn't think much of it until i heard him say special needs children need to be special somewhere else. >> he's a five-year-old boy, precious. >> what went through my mind, i was just so impressed and felt so good, that somebody would stand up for another human being. >> well, as for garcia's bosses they say they support his actions. garcia, by the way, is also receiving lots of pats on the
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back, via e-mail messages and tweets from around the world. well, that's how we report on this sunday, january 20th, 2013. i'm harris falkner, thanks a lot for watching. huckabee starts in about >> good monday morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. hope you had a good weekend. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> time now for the top 5@5:00. the algerian government is expected to release more details today as the death toll rises and the hostage crisis. at least 81 people have been killed and there are reports terrorists tied to al qaeda actually worked at that bp plant which gave them detailed
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knowledge of the facility. one survivor says the terrorist spoke english and tried to warn him out of hiding and eventually he was able to make a break for it. >> (indiscernible) >> terrifying certainly. >> the teenaged son of a fire department chaplain is in police custody and face charges in the shooting death of his parents. his 9-year-old brother and 5 and 2-year-old sister. police say 15-year-old nehemiah greago shot each victim more than once at their home in albuquerque key. several guns were taken from the scene. it looks like this home in oregon was hit by a tornado.
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he was just about to go to sleep the other night when an suv going 100 miles an hour crashed right into his bedroom. the car finally landed in the backyard. >> as i got right about here i heard a loud noise car came and landed right about in here. it hit me and knocked me through that wall there and continued and went all of the way out there. >> amazingly that home oren survived with minor injuries to his shoulder. as for the driver he fled the scene. the cops busted him on suspicion of drunk driving. you think? barbara walters waking up in the hospital after taking a nasty spill at an inauguration party. she fell on a step and cut her forehead. it happened at the home of
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britain's ambassador to the u.s. she was taken to the hospital for full examination and she is still there for observation. unclear when she will be released. the 83-year-old had heart surgery a few years ago. anything but home sweet home. the falcons blowing a lead in the nfc title game against the 49ers. san francisco wins the first super bowl invite since 1995. ray lewis' career comes on the biggest day of all. 28 -- 13 in the title game. the super bowl 13 days away it will take place in new orleans. those are your 5@5:00. president obama will take the oath of office front of hundreds of thousands of supporters. what can we expect from the president as he begins his second term? kelly wright is live with more. >> as you know president obama
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and vice president joe biden they had to be officially sworn in by law on january 20th. they conducted small ceremonies for families and friends on sunday. the president held his in the blue room at the white house. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear. >> michelle obama and daughters malia and sasha on his side he placed his hand on the family bible and was sworn in by chief justice john roberts. >> congratulations mr. president. >> thank you mr. chief justice. >> the president and vice president joe biden will take their oath of office again at a public ceremony before a crowd of hundreds of thousands that will gather at the u.s. capital when he delivers his inaugural address. he is to set forward his hope and vision for the country during his second term. >> what the inauguration remind
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us of is the roll we have as fellow citizens in promoting a common good even as we carry out our individual responsibilities. the sense that there is srg larger than ourselves that gives shape and mean to go our lives. >> he comes in enjoying a 52 percent approval rating right now. does not mean he will have smooth saling sailing from republicans. he speaks in general term it is he likes the executive approach rather than leg slattive approach. you have got to legislation and you have to legislate re realistical realistically. >> the senior advisor says the president will layout the specifics of his vision during the up coming state of the union address in february. he adds the president wants to
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focus on measures to help the economy and energy development, immigration and public safety as well. they want to see president do more in congress. 800,000 spectators expected and security will have to be tight with that. good morning katherine. >> good morning. when asked about the situation in algeria and mollie we were told there was no change to the threat level at home. t this is a national security event. the lead organization for counter-terrorism and investigation is the cia. they were recently given a tour of the ee kret service command center and undisclosed location. this is the main coordination center for real time information today. secretary napolitano told
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reporters months of planning is involved. >> starting sunday is will contingo continuously from monday to tuesday. it is a national security event protecting an event this large, complex, with this many different venues with this number of people coming requires a lot of coordination. >> the fbi explained they are reviewing r reviewing real time information that is constantly being successed and security adjusted. >> at this time we do not have any credible threats against any of the inaugural event. that is something we will monitor. what we do ask is that the public those who are attending the event keep their eyes and ears open and report any
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suspicious activity to the local law enforcement agency for the f fbi. >> the tough estrich of road between the capitol building and t where the president and first lady are the most exposed. >> there is a premium on theable to do sur slains. at this moment one of the most heavily sur veiled place will be that mile. the second is to do rapid reaction. we are seeing the national guard along the perimeter of the capital. this is visibility security as well as on seen security on the mall. heather and ainsley back to you. it is time for a look at who is talking. we are hearing from you the american people brand new fox news polls show where you stand. the most important issues for our country such as debt ceiling spending and the gun control debate. >> that's where we begin our
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first pole this morning. when asked if you think the tough gun control laws will prevent acts like the noun shooting 41 percent say no people will still try to commit the acts. 22 percent said yes. we asked about finances. those polled say income taxes will likely go up this year 11 percent more than the number who believe gun laws will change. 48 percent say they expect changes through immigration reform this year. 21 percent believe the deficit will get smaller. >> when it comes to the deficit in spending 83 percent were told they believe government spending is out of control that's up from 78 percent back in february 2010 and the next economic debate is whether to raise that debt ceiling. 69 percent of you said it should only be raised after major cuts are made where 23 percent say it
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would be reckless not to. it is coming up. powerful wind gusts tearing through the midwest knocking down this frtree and causing ito fall into the house in ohio. luckily the people inside the home were in the basement so they were not injured. with the stong winds comes a a -- strong winds comes a bitter cold snap. for more let's go to maria molina. >> we are not looking at cold temperatures across the areas of the midwest but also in the oifrt ea northeast. we didn't get this cold in places like the northeast. take a look at portions of the midwest. 6 below zero the current temperature in minneapolis. that is not the windchill. it feels even colder and some places will be looking at windchill temperatures more than 20 degrees below zero.
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we are talking about dangerous conditions across places in the upper midwest. make sure your home is winterized. we are only going to be seeing a hyatt 4 below zero 8 degrees below zero in far go. 45 dc and into the 30s. the cold air is headed eastbound and highs in the teens across chicago in the 20s in new york city and wednesday only 18 for the high in boston. cold air moving over we will be seeing lake-effect snow and we haven't seen that across portions of west michigan. it will be developing right offshore of the northeast. we will be seeing a little bit of snow in new york city. more accumulation across places in eastern new england. >> if it is going to be cold we might as as well expect snow. coming up the brutal flu
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season is forcing employers to reexamine their sick policies. here's the question they are asking should they be forced to pay people when they stay home sick. >> talk about a rough landing, all of the tires on the plane they blow just as it is touching down sending that plane off the runway. take a look at the gasoline prices the new national average $3.31. that is up two pennies.
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>> i still have a dream. it >> it is now 15 minutes after the top of the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. former new york city mayor ed koch is back in the hospital for the third time in recent months. he is complaining of swollen ankles.
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it is not clear when he will be released. scary landing for passengers on board a united flight the plane ace tires blew as it veered off the runway into the taxiway. luckily no one was hurt. president obama's public inauguration is a few hours from now. what will be the focus of his second term? patti ann browne has the details. heather, ainsley, mr. obama will have little time to celebrate as his second term begins with a full agenda. the inauguration festivities are taking center stage behind the scenes president obama is hard at work his second term officially begun as the country has several key issues that need attention. >> in front of congress and the country you have to continue to grow the economy engo and climate change immigration and gun safety. things are stacked up. >> gun control topped headlines in recent weeks. the president vowed to pass stricter gun laws it has
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lawmakers on both sides of the i' aisle up in arms. others say they don't appreciate the tactics. >> within minutes of the horrible tragedy in newtown he tried to exploit the tragedy to push a gun corolla agenda. >> some democrats say the time for gun control is now. >> this is the best chance at getting something done i think you will find much broader support than we ever imaged. >> outside gun control measures economic recovery and immigration reform. the biggest home runned urdle m divided congress. >> give it a sense something will be done the situation in washington isn't hopeless. he will be able to actually even in small ways change things for the better. >> the president is expected to show the details in his agenda in the february 12th state of the union address. >> it is 18 minutes after the hour. coming up next on "the rundown"
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should you double up on your medication whif you missed a do? what do you do when your medication expires. we will ask dr. mark seigel. google wants to simplify our lives by getting rid of our pass words? >> hard to remember all of those isn't it?
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>> good morning. it is 22 minutes after the hour. the flu season is fuelling a
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deba debate about paid sick time. 30 million nationwide don't have sick time. districts say it's an unfair burden to small businesses. pass words may become the thing of the past. google is trying out usb sticks that log users in with a single click of the house. the idea is to prevent remote hackers from accessing on-line accounts. >> thank you, heather. medication whether over the counter or prescription formulated to be used in only one specific way. should you double up if you miss a dose? what about if your medication expires. hear to breakdown the myths and tell us what facts dr. mark seigel from the a team. >> good to see you. does it matter where you fill your prescription?
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>> absolutely. that's a fact. you want to get a relationship with your pharmacist. this is a personal issue. the more you go to the same pharmacy, the more you are going to get it right. >> fact or myth? always take medication with food? >> that is a myth. it depends what the label says it depends on what the medication is. actually your body metabolizes things faster if you haven't eaten. in most cases you want to your medicining on an empty stomach. >> if you miss a dose do you want to double up? >> you can lower flood pressure, a blood thinner you could end up bleeding. if you miss too many doses call your doctor. >> expiration dates matter fact or myth? >> they do matter. when you pass the expiration
2:25 am
date the medicine no longer works after a while. if you take it it will be safe. there are a couple of medications become toxic like seizure medications and a couple of antibiotics. watch out. don't take them after they expire. >> you can't take them a month after they expire? >> the truth is if you did you are probably safe. if you did you are probably safe but as a matter of course don't do it. >> medications are so expensive if they have a whole bottle full. >> understoounderstood. check with your doctor. >> flush them down the toilet. >> don't flush them down the toilet. we find them in the drinking water and find the chemicals from drinking water. what do you is you package it with something organic like coffee and you put it in the garbage.
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even then there's concern it gets into the soil. it is safer. you want to get the labels off the bottle. if you can return it to the pharmacy. there are ways of recycling the medicine. >> great to see you. >> it is now 25 after the top of the hour. coming up when president obama signed a healthcare law he promised insurance premiums would go down. so why are prices still on the rise. a shark swims way too close to the shore. instead of running out of the water one man decided to get up close and personal with this guy. wow. and... >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meanings of the creed. >> that was dr. part tin luther king junior delivering i have a dream speech on the washington mall. today the nation honors the sil
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rights leaders life and legacy. ♪ [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> good morning to you. welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> the top five stories making
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news at this hour. a falcons fan was stabbed in the neck outside of the georgia dome following an nfc championship game. the victim got into a fight with a 49ers fan and punched him. 49ers fan accused him of pulling out a knife and stabbing the falcons fan. >> this will not feel good for your wallet. many americans are going to be paying higher insurance premiums this year. that is thanks to obama care. they are trying to cover the costs of a tax increase that goes into effect this year. premiums will go up 2 percent this year and nearly 4 percent in the future. >> the paulout from lance armstrong's confession to doping has rippled all of the way down under. a library in sydney, australia removing all books about armstrong to the fiction section.
2:32 am
his books will sit next to the other tales of make believe. he finally came clean to oprah. >> matte'o's interview about th dead girlfriend. he gave an interview with espn on friday and insisted he had no role in the hoax and he was instead duped by some sort of mastermind who since apologized to him. the uncle of the ladies and gentlemened mastermind says his nephew is condemn plating breaking his center lines as well. >> a stranger becoming hero for toddlers splashing around on the beach in australia as a shark heads right for the little ones. he ran over grabs the shark by the tail grab it is away from the children and into deeper water. he managed to jump away when the shark went by him. oo evening he is dying.
2:33 am
i think tlooers something wrong with him. >> they were calling out to him they couldn't understand what i was saying. >> you want to get back into the water again? >> no. >> the british man is a father of three he was on vacation. those maternal instincts kicked right in. >> what a good guy there. >> you are looking live at the nation's capital. in less than 6 hours it will be filled with hundreds of thousands of people. >> president obama getting ready to take his oath of office for the second term. kelly wright, good morning. >> it is a backdrop for the capitol and perfect study for today. joe biden and obama had ton sworn in by law on january 20th. so they conducted small separate ceremonies for family and friends on sunday. the president held his in the blue room at the white house with first lady michelle obama and daughters malia and sasha at his side. he placed his hand on his wife's
2:34 am
family bible and was officially sworn into office by chief justice john roberts. later joe biden will take an oath again around those gathered at the state capitol. when he delivers his inaugural address he is expected to give his hope and vision for the country during his second term. >> we have a roll as citizens in carrying out the common good. the sense that there is something larger than ourselves that gives shape and meaning to our lives. >> we have on immigration gun safety energy we have a stacked agenda here. there is urgency to address
2:35 am
this. >> into a second term it does not mean he will have smooth saling from his agenda who want the president to fix the debt cut spending improve job creation and more. he speaks in general terms. he likes the executive order approach a whole lot better than the legislative approach. you really can't get that far. you have to legislate you realize you don't control the entire congress. >> when the president goes through his inaugural address today he will place his hands on the bibles of martin luther king jr. and abraham lincoln before he is sworn in today. kelly wright thank you very much. >> you heard nearly 800,000 spectators are expected to show up for the inauguration festivities. security will be tight. katherine her raj is live in washington with the details.
2:36 am
>> thank you. you will see the highest concentration of law enforcement and military in the nation's capitol as the hostage crisis unfolded. there was no change nothing specific or credible. fox news along with other media groups were given a tour of the command center and undisclosed locations. this is the main coordination for real time information. secretary nepal tano saying it is a national security event led by the secret service. >> i think we could have no better partners than the ones that are present here at the mac with us today and the ones that you will severe the course of the inaugural. we hope it is one that is memorable and historic. >> four years ago a spread was investigated on inauguration day
2:37 am
alleging a plot from an al qaeda group. that information washed out and proved to be false. there was no plot. during a tour of the command center the secret service spokesman was discussing intelligence. >> the secret service never talks about threat levels. i mean i can say we have a lot of people that are saying a lot of information. that is as far as we go. we don't discuss threat legavel. >> they called stretch from the rode to the white house the stoufest mile. you see the video from last year where the president and first lady are the most exposed. along that stretch you will have the very physical overt security presence and also the unseen security. it is just not security today with the frigid temperatures wh what you saw with hospitals in maryland and virginia on stand by for cases of hypothermia.
2:38 am
>> have a great day. we will talk to you later. >> freezing temperatures are about to complaint much of the country. >> let's check out the forecast with maria molina. >> i am so glad before we saw the mention of hypothermia. it's a big concern. we have windchills 40 degrees below zero. in portions of iowa dealing with the cold winter values when you factor in the wind and cold temperatures we are seeing. the actual temperatures are themselves below zero. in minneapolis right now 60 degrees below zero. at this temperature not going to get much warmer than that today. 27 it is january it is supposed to be cold but over the next
2:39 am
couple of days we will see the cold air. new york city high tomorrow only 25. 20 for wednesday. we could be looking at a little bit of snow. later on tonight into tomorrow morning. but the entire accumulations will be across eastern portions of new england where we see 13 inches of snow. >> yesterday was such a beautiful day now we are expecting snow. >> now for your starting lineup the top sports stories. the super bowl is now set in the nfc the 49ers come back from 17 points down to take the lead against atlanta. falcons had one last shot with 6 seconds left. he makes the catch. san francisco for the first time in 18 years in the super bowl. ravens dominated the patriots in the second half to win the afc
2:40 am
title game. 28-13. ray lewis has a chance to win the super bowl in his final game ever. it was the first for the ravens in 12 years. it will be the ravens verses the 49ers at the super bowl in new orleans. 49ers are the early favorite. >> 29 minutes after the hour. $5.8 trillion. that's one of the numbers tied to president obama's first term in office. while pe starts his second term we will look at the first term by the numbers. >> he made millions of dollars playing gulf in ameri-- golf in. phil mickelson is thinking of calling another country home. wait until we tell you why. ÷÷
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>> first in london passengers are going in and out of heat row a /* heathrow airport after another day of cancellations. this comes after 250 flights were canceled yesterday adding up p00 from yesterday. the government building under attack. look here. >> a series of bombs set off at the headquarters of the kabul police traffic department leading to a gun fight there. 10 people were hurt. the taliban claiming responsibility. >> the president's first term is looked at after being sworn in. >> as the president's first term skoms to an end here are
2:45 am
interesting statistic abouts his first year. doun joan increased 58 percent but national debt increased $5.8 trillion. that's the largest under one president. he signed 654 bills into law and gave 852 speeches or comments. 699 of those using a tell prm presidenter. he visited 45 countries seven more than once and managed to squeeze in 113 golf outings and 13 vacations. totalling 83 days. in terms of domestic travel he visited 44 states still missing arkansas, idaho, north dakota, south carolina and utah. he has issued 22 presidential pardons the least. whether or not we are better now than we were four years ago depends on which numbers you
2:46 am
choose to focus on. it is now 44 after the top of the hour. a different take on an alarm. a woman waking up with a giant boulder. >> have you having trouble getting your fitness routine going? nikki has gadgets to help you out and you don't have to leave the office. >> brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> get your pen and sen sill ready. i am going to quiz you later on the show. we will be talking about the inauguration and what a second term can bring in terms of challenges. martin luther king day is today. the niece of martin luther king will be live. the harbaugh brothers will play
2:47 am
and so will the ravens and 49ers. we will discuss that live in new orleans. donald trump is here i will give him money tips. all coming up i can't wait.
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>> 11 minutes to the top of the hour. phil mickelson is pretty teed off about taxes. he may be moving out of the country because of soaring income rate taxes. his tax rate is more than 60 percent. a utah woman waking up to rumbles of noise. >> a massive boulder crashed right through his home. her leg was pinned but she was able to reach for a phone and call for help. she is being treated for nonlife
2:51 am
threatening injuries. >> thank goodness she is okay. ainsley thank you so much. all month long we have been helping you stay on track with the new year's weight loss resolutions. this week we have great gadgets to help you keep your fitness going. first we have dvd's that are your dvd's. what is unique about these? >> a new trend in fitness in 2013 is high intensity training work hard for just a half an hour. you have time to fit your workout in. we do plyometrics going high and low and getting the calories burned. >> sort of like the p 90 x series. >> head phones what is so good about these? >> i have a fitness dvd they are water proof ultra light. they are for men, women great shapes and they are so light you can run without them falling out
2:52 am
of your ears. >> they don't snag and get all tangled up. tell us about this. this is an arm band. do you wear this all day long. >> yes. you can even sleep with it. it tracks your sleep and whether you are working out on a bike or whether you are taking a fitness class that is hine tensity it will tell you how many calories you are burned. you plug in i had an egg sandwich with cheez-it tells you how many calories. i stopped eating the cheese because of how much calories. you realize i don't have to work as hard to burn it off. >> 24-hours a day. how much does this cost? >> these are all on my web site all of the prices they are different because they are different levels and they are coming out with a bracelet. there are all different levels. >> look like they start at 100 bucks. >> you have this great gift idea valentine's day coming up. >> you get a prescription it's like christmas every week you
2:53 am
can get a box full great things beauty products, fitness products supplements different energy drinks. you never know what you are going to get but it is always exciting. you want to put in fox and friends you get 30 percent off your annual subscription. >> there's a new app called gym pack. what does it do? helps give you money for working out? >> it is a free app what you say is i am pledging to go to the gym so many times a week. if i don't go you need to charge me $10 for each time i miss. if you skip going to the gym you lose $30. it's a good reason and you have to check in on your phone and stay there for 30 minutes. it is proven you have to be there. if you get your workout you get a little money back. >> finally there's a fit desk bike. people do this? >> you know what? they say sitting is the new smoking. it is bad for your health.
2:54 am
so you can be typing up your scripts getting e-mails done and you are moving. i-94 sweating too hard but at least you are getting calories burned through out the day. >> starts at about 250 bucks. >> nikki thank you very much. we will tell you why the coaches are set to make super bowl history. >> it is president obama's second term. what we are expecting and what is next for students from lee university. we will tell you why they are preparing to hit the high note at today's ceremony.
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>> four minutes till the top of the hour. take a look at the nfl edition of the good, the bad, the ugly. first the good. it's brother versus brother in the super bowl and 49ers coach jim harbaugh against older brother, john.
2:58 am
and regarding this move, for several minutes he's out and luckily he did get up on his own. the ugly, back to jim harbaugh, going ballistic with the falcons got the benefit of a controversial call over a catch and cost him his head set, in the end they ended up winning. and we're taking a live look at the capitol, in six hours, president obama will take the oath ushering in his second term. and for some it's a first. >> reporter: it was last october when lee university's president received a telephone call from senator lamar alexander, inviting the school's choir to perform at the inauguration. >> he didn't say, you might need 24 hours to think about it before you answer me. i said, senator, i don't need 24 hours, the answer is yes of
2:59 am
course we'll provide a choir. ♪ >> faith is a central component to lee university's story. billy graham avenue runs through the heart of the campus. >> our core is our christ centered excellence, by that, we believe in doing all things well and motivating reasons for everything we do is our commitment to jesus christ. >> and on inauguration day, that faith will flavor their music. >> the music was exciting experience, but a little challenging as well. we want to represent a lot of things as we sing. first of all, what we took for the in school, but also represent who we are and who america is. >> you know, these students have been putting in extra hours to learn 30 minutes worth of music, religious

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